Andie Cunningham

Andie Cunningham is currently teaching at Lewis & Clark College's Graduate School of Education in Portland, Oregon. She teaches graduate students who are working to become teachers and current teachers who are working to become reading specialists.

"With every opportunity, whether I am teaching a course or teaching my daughter, serving as a committee member or exploring a new physical activity, I frame my approach through the lens of a learner," Andie says. "I believe I am constantly developing as a professional."

Andie has a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University and a master's degree from Lewis & Clark College. She can't quite recall why she wanted to be a teacher. "My reasons for teaching now are dramatically different and far richer than they were twenty years ago when I started teaching," she explains. "I love how building communities in classrooms affects learning."

Andie has written only one book, but she treasures the writing process. "Ruth (Shagoury) and I wrote our book at one computer, side by side, finishing each other's sentences. We had such a good time writing together, during both the times when the words simply flowed out of our mouths and the times when we struggled to get a paragraph down that we both liked. I loved writing the way we did."

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