Betty Schultze

Betty Schultze can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a teacher. "I wanted to have a big red pen and mark papers when I was in third grade, and when I was a young adult I knew that working with children would make me happy—and it has! I love making children smile and I love that look of concentration and pleasure that comes when they first try something new and find out they can do it."

Betty was born in Bella Coola, British Columbia, and holds a bachelor's degree in education and a special education diploma. She has thirty years' experience in kindergarten and primary classrooms, in learning-assistance positions, and as a consultant for students with learning disabilities. She is currently a literacy consultant, workshop presenter, and literacy advisor for One to One, a nonprofit tutoring organization.

She believes that effective professional development should be ongoing and school based. "I think the first step is always to be inspired to do something different and that may happen by hearing a speaker talk enthusiastically about their ideas. When colleagues in your school setting get inspired and meet regularly to turn ideas into action, that process describes good professional development."

Betty writes her books from her own experiences and makes sure that she gets the "skeleton" of the book right. "The fun part is fleshing out the ideas."

In her free time, Betty enjoys reading, sailing, writing, and being a grandmother.

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