Brenda Miller Power

Brenda Power was born in Wayne, Michigan, the daughter of a teacher and an engineer. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees from Michigan State University, and her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire, where she worked with Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and Thomas Newkirk.

She taught for many years at the University of Maine, leading professional development efforts in local schools, and authored or coauthored a dozen books. Brenda's passion has always been helping teachers bring their work to larger audiences: first, as the founding editor with (Ruth Shagoury) of the Teacher Research journal, and then as an editor at Stenhouse Publishers.

She founded Choice Literacy in 2006 as a multimedia resource for K-12 literacy professional development. Brenda edits a weekly newsletter for literacy leaders, The Big Fresh, with over 50,000 subscribers worldwide.

"I still love teaching and writing, though most of my teaching now involves coaching individual writers," writes Brenda. "The technology remains a challenge for me—I definitely think I was shortchanged in the engineering end of my family gene pool!"

Brenda Power


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