Cheryl Zimmerman

Cheryl Zimmerman began her teaching career at the age of seven in the basement of her childhood home. "I did a fantastic job of educating the baby dolls seated quietly on the couch. I've always loved kids and that love of kids propelled me into a teaching career," she says.

A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor's degree in elementary education, Cheryl is currently a third-grade teacher at Heritage Elementary School and a PEBC lab classroom teacher.

Cheryl loves teaching because of the fresh perspective that children can bring. "I love the things kids say and the way kids think. I love the reminders about the simple things in life that can bring delight and happiness. I love those read-aloud moments when all eyes are wide open in awe of an author's words or an illustrator's art."

Cheryl's motto, "see it to believe it," reflects her approach to professional development. "I believe in inviting teachers into classrooms to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think all parties learn from such experiences. Some content loading is necessary, and reading professionally plays a role, but the nitty-gritty classroom work tends to stick."

Her advice to those writing a book: "Find the smartest people you know and collaborate. Work a little on your own and a lot with your friends. Read everything out loud. Take time to laugh along the way."

Cheryl lives in Colorado with her husband, Kevin, and their daughters, Sammie and Carly. She loves to attend her kids' extracurricular activities, browse bookstores, watch football, and dream up home decorating schemes. "Vacationing in a warm, tropical place is always a welcome treat."

Cheryl Zimmerman

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