Gina Picha

Gina Picha’s career in education began in Illinois where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in economics and later a master’s degree in education.  Over the past fifteen years, Gina has worked as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, curriculum specialist and district math coordinator.  In 2020, Gina graduated with a doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Concordia University-Austin where she conducted research on teacher professional learning that includes time for teachers to reflect on their math identities.

Gina is passionate about providing elementary students with daily opportunities to engage as mathematicians by exploring, making conjectures, and sharing ideas in ways that reinforce their status as valued members of a math community. Throughout her career, Gina has written several articles and presented on various topics that she believes can impact students’ beliefs about mathematics, including STEM education, math anxiety, technology in the math classroom, and math conferences.

As a parent of two young children, Gina is inspired as a mother and teacher to continue learning and sharing new ideas for teaching our youngest mathematicians.  Gina believes that for too long children have thought of math as a subject that they need to earn their way into.  She continues working in pursuit of a time when all young children will know that the world is filled with math…and it is a world in which they already belong.

Gina Picha

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