Jan Wells

Jan Wells retired in 2004, after teaching for twelve years in the UK, six years in Ontario, and fourteen years in British Columbia. When she is not tending her garden or running her bed & breakfast, she conducts workshops and devotes her time to writing.

"Writing is a wonderful tool for self-awareness. I learn so much about myself, about my classroom, and about the way I teach when I take the time to sit and write down what I do, say, and believe. The act of writing about teaching brings it all into focus for me. I love sharing ideas, and feel excited when I meet other teachers who also love their craft. I am motivated by my desire to see every child learn in a dynamic, interesting, and caring classroom where teachers are not afraid to create a curriculum."

Jan is a native of England and received her master's degree in teaching from the University of Bristol and the University of Toronto.

Jan Wells

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