Janine Reid

"Like other idealists of my generation, I became a teacher to make the world a better place," says Janine Reid. "I love making a difference for kids. I love helping them recognize their strength and potential as learners. I love it when a class becomes a community of learners and inquirers. I love it when teachers share their passion for their work and excite each other with possibilities."

Janine received her master's degree from Simon Fraser University and has been a teacher in grades K–7 in Vancouver, North British Columbia, and in Jamaica. She also had "two stints" as a faculty associate at Simon Fraser University.

Her first book, Writing Anchors, evolved from a series of workshops Janine and her coauthor, Jan Wells, gave for teachers in Vancouver for over a three-year period. The second book, What's Next for This Beginning Writer?, was an "instant book." "We like to say it took one hundred years and two months to write," says Janine. "After one hundred years of combined classroom experience, the book practically wrote itself in just two months!"

Janine is married, with three grown children. She enjoys gardening, walking, reading, crossword puzzles, watercolor, writing, and workshop preparation.

Janine Reid

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