Jennifer Jacobson

Jennifer Jacobson, a former primary school teacher, is the author of fourteen children's books, including the award-winning Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle, and is also a frequent presenter at library, reading, and writing conferences.

Jennifer received her bachelor's degree in early childhood education from Lesley College and her master's degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education. "I always knew that I would be a teacher of young children," she says. "Both my parents were educators. My mom used to bring home pictures of the early childhood programs she visited and I would pore over them. Some children dream of traveling, or inventing something. I'd fantasize about designing my own primary classroom!"

Jennifer currently teaches seminars on the teaching of writing. She often spends a day or two with teachers and then goes into the classroom for several days to model lessons and writing conferences. "The one-time-only professional inservice is seldom effective," Jennifer believes. "Single-day programs can introduce, inspire, and help bring staff to a common understanding. However, they rarely effect school change. For genuine growth to occur, teachers require time to process and, ideally, modeling. This is why my favorite form of inservice is the residency."

About teaching students, Jennifer says that her favorite moment is when children discover the thrill of hearing their own unique voice recorded on paper. "From then on, they're empowered—they see themselves as genuine writers. It's my favorite part of teaching. I never get tired of witnessing this moment."

Jennifer lives in an antique Cape in Maine and, when she is not writing, enjoys hiking and snowshoeing with her Jack Russell terrier.

Jennifer Jacobson


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