Katherine Luongo-Orlando

For the past eight years, Katherine Luongo-Orlando has worked as a program consultant and author of curriculum and assessment materials for school boards and publishers. She has also taught classes at the university level as a guest lecturer and has offered professional development sessions at educational conferences, local school districts, and private schools. Previously, Katherine was an elementary and middle school teacher in the Toronto area, teaching in multicultural school settings.

"I was inspired to become a teacher following the example of important people in my life—including my mother, a family friend, and a high school teacher—who shared their love for children, their interest in learning, their passion for teaching, and the magical worlds and stories of children's literature with me."

Katherine believes that teaching is rewarding for many reasons. "It inspires lifelong learning at its best. As children share their interests and ideas, my own learning is enriched. Nurturing and watching young people gain confidence and success in reading, writing, and life has been a great joy and has inspired my own teaching and learning."

Her approach to professional development is pragmatic, linking theory with practice. "This practical model is filled with strategies that are grounded in sound educational research, but are applicable and effective, too. These principles guide the workshops I develop and influence my own academic choices."

She begins writing a book by reflecting on her own teaching and learning. "I recall the best practices that inspired best learning—the stories, experiences, strategies, resources, topics, and products that shape the program and showcase the students' achievement." A practical book for teachers should highlight best practices rooted in theory, offer innovative strategies, ideas, and resources, and honor children as partners and guides in the teaching and learning process.

Katherine Luongo-Orlando

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