Kathleen Fay

Kathleen Fay has served as a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Title I resource teacher, and Literacy Collaborative Coach since beginning her teaching career in 1990. In her current role as Literacy Collaborative District Trainer for Fairfax County Public Schools, Kathleen provides professional development to school based literacy coaches. The best part of her job is working alongside coaches and teachers in classrooms, engaging in authentic experiences with students.  

When Kathleen decided to become a teacher, her aunt, Pat Johnson, also a Stenhouse author, was her mentor. "During my first years of teaching, Pat and I would spend hours discussing how best to teach specific children and how to set up an engaging learning environment for reading and writing. Our relationship gradually changed from one of mentor/mentee to colleagues who think and learn together. Now this is the type of relationship I try to form with teachers and coaches." 

Kathleen believes that meaning is at the heart of most powerful learning experiences and students naturally work to understand.  She collaborated with Chrisie Moritz and Suzanne Whaley to write Powerful Book Introductions: Leading with Meaning to Promote Thinking to help teachers analyze texts and plan lessons where meaning is at the forefront of learning opportunities.   

Kathleen and Suzanne Whaley wrote their first book, Becoming One Community: Reading and Writing with English Language Learners (Stenhouse 2004), to support teachers who work in diverse communities and value every student as a full member of the community.  

Kathleen lives in Annandale, Virginia, with her husband, Dan, and their two children, Willie and Charlotte. 

Kathleen Fay


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