Kathy Champeau

Without a doubt, Kathy Champeau loves being a teacher. Starting out forty years ago as a first-grade teacher, it was apparent that she had a lot to learn about helping her students become literate. This insatiable quest to learn drove her to become a Title I reading teacher, reading specialist, adjunct instructor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a past president of the Wisconsin State Reading Association, where she has been acknowledged for her contributions to literacy in the state. Kathy served on Governor Walker’s Read to Lead Task Force and is a Herb Kohl Teaching Fellow recipient. As a consultant learning alongside students, teachers, and literacy researchers, she is a strong advocate for teachers as thinking professionals and values how the research and practitioner worlds need to be inextricably connected in intellectually stimulating ways. She presents locally, nationally, and internationally on the lessons learned through this journey. 

Although literacy is definitely a passion, Kathy enjoys cycling, hiking, traveling, laughing at humorous stories, attending a variety of music venues, dance, cooking, and sharing memorable culinary experiences with friends (including her own culinary triumphs and failures). Kathy and her husband, Ryan, take delight in the joys and challenges of keeping up with their three rambunctious grandsons, all aged four and under, who have ignited the wonder of becoming literate all over again. Celebrating the passions of life would not be complete, however, without a grand glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Twitter: @champeaukathy

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