Lori L. Conrad

Lori Conrad has twenty-four years of elementary classroom and staff development experience behind her. She is currently the senior director of professional development for the Public Education and Business Coalition in Denver.

She became a teacher "because being with kids seems like the best way to spend my time. They are brilliant and teach me things every day. The kids make all the work worthwhile."

Lori believes that professional development is "all about inquiry. When we ask big questions and are open to finding our own answers, the sky's the limit."

Writing the book Put Thinking to the Test was a true collaborative effort. "What is it that Officer Buckle says? Always go with a buddy. That's the way it's been with this book. The four of us are true friends and colleagues."

Lori is married and has two children, Nathanael and Emelia. She spends most of her time watching Nathanael throw a baseball or Emelia kick a soccer ball.

Lori Conrad

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