Marco Ramirez

Marco Ramirez is an award-winning educator who has successfully transformed schools using mathematics as leverage for change.

After working eighteen-hour days as a buyer and broker, Marco did some soul searching and realized that he wanted to have more time for family and a life outside of work. His wife, Julie, suggested that he work as a substitute teacher while returning to college. "What I never expected was that working with students would be so fulfilling. I became fascinated with the thoughtful process that needs to occur in order for children to construct meaning."

Marco's work is practical and rooted in the classroom: “Modeling the ideas and structures we wrote about is a powerful way for teachers and schools to make sense of the small steps they need to take that lead to success.” He has taught multiple grade levels, has served on state and national committees, and has won the Milken Educator of the Year Award as a principal.

Marco Ramirez

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