Marian Small

Marian Small is the former Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. She has been a professor of mathematics education and worked in the field for close to 40 years. Dr. Small is a regular speaker on K–12 mathematics throughout Canada and around the world. Her focus is on teacher questioning to get at the important math, to include and extend all students by appropriately differentiating instruction, and to focus on critical thinking and creativity. 

Some resources she has written include:

  • Making Math Meaningful for Canadian Students: K-8
  • Big Ideas from Dr. Small
  • Good Questions: A Great Way to Differentiate Math Instruction
  • More Good Questions: A Great Way to Differentiate Secondary Math Instruction
  • Eyes on Math
  • Gap Closing (for the Ministry of Education in Ontario)
  • Leaps and Bounds Toward Math Understanding
  • Uncomplicating Fractions
  • Uncomplicating Algebra
  • Building Proportional Reasoning
  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson
  • Teaching Mathematical Thinking

Marian Small


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