Monique D. Wild

Monique Wild, a seventeen-year veteran of teaching, is a National Board Certified Teacher and is currently a master teacher in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, where she coordinates professional development for teachers at Donaldsonville High School.

She has worked at the primary, middle, and high school levels and has experienced great success in working as a member of an instructional team. In 2002, her instructional team  was recognized by the National Middle School Association as a Team That Makes a Difference, and in 2006, she was a member of the first teaching team to take home the title of Disney's Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

Monique became a teacher because she loves to learn. "As my days as a high school student were coming to an end, I discovered that I did not want to leave school. Teaching, I realized, would allow me to remain in a school setting so that I could share my love for learning with others. . . . Teaching is my passion; it is what I was born to do."

"The absolute joy in teaching comes from building relationships with students," she adds. "Nothing supports learning more than relationships. There is nothing I'd rather do than waltz around the classroom with my students acting out a scene from a story, lie on the floor to read with them, or referee a heated debate about a historical topic. Best of all, I can do these things all on the same day. Every day, I am able to experience the world with students I love. The world looks brighter when I allow myself to see it through their eyes."

The biggest and most memorable professional development experience in Monique's teaching career came when she completed the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. "Through the process I became a reflective professional, always seeking a better way to accomplish classroom goals," Monique says. "Effective professional development forces me to identify my beliefs, to question others about the beliefs I hold dear, to challenge myself with new possibilities, and to reflect on how my beliefs have changed as a result of professional discussions. I believe professional development should assist me in internalizing craft knowledge so that the concepts I explore become part of my daily work."

Monique lives in Donaldsonville with her husband, Kevin, and two children, Regan and Jordan. She is working toward her EdD in teacher leadership.

Monique D. Wild

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