Nicora Placa

Nicora Placa was an elementary and middle school math teacher in New York City for several years. Her love of teaching and experiences in schools made her want to research ways to better support students and teachers so she pursued her Ph.D. in mathematics education at NYU. 

Currently, she is an assistant professor at Hunter College where she teaches and develops high quality clinical experiences for pre-service educators, while also conducting research on professional learning. Nicora also continues to work with schools and districts to provide collaborative coaching and professional learning supports for in-service teachers and administrators.  

Nicora is passionate about supporting teachers, honoring their expertise, and creating learning opportunities for them to hone their craft. Throughout her career, Nicora has written several articles and presented on strategies that can be used to improve mathematics learning for all students. She is constantly learning from the teacher teams she works with and is inspired by them to find new ways to help provide all students with opportunities to learn and love math.

Nicora Placa


Twitter: @NicoraPlaca

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