Susan Vincent

Susan Vincent has worked in the field of early literacy for over 30 years. Both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from Miami University in Ohio, where she met her husband (also a teacher!) She began her career as a first grade teacher and then became a reading specialist, working with readers in kindergarten through third grade. She worked with readers in intervention and in guided reading in the classroom. She trained in Reading Recovery at The Ohio State University, both as a teacher and as a teacher leader. In her role as a teacher leader, Susan worked with many districts, teachers, and children to increase early literacy rates. In her home district, Susan served on district leadership teams, working to develop literacy curriculum and provide professional development to teachers.

Currently, Susan is a faculty member at her alma mater, in the Education and Society Department of Miami University’s Regional Campus. She teaches literacy courses to pre-service teachers and is a faculty advisor. Susan also consults with districts as a literacy coach, providing professional development in small-group reading, writing workshop, and intervention. 

A lifelong learner, Susan attends and presents at many state and national literacy conferences. Staying connected to other professionals around the globe is important to her, so she spends too much time on Twitter. 

Susan Vincent

Twitter: @ssvincent

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