Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones has been a Title I reading specialist, Reading Recovery teacher, and teacher-leader for fifteen years. She earned her degrees from the University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is currently the vice president of curriculum and instruction for Benchmark Education Company.

Her passion for children led her to teaching; helping someone learn to read and write is her greatest reward. As a staff developer, she believes that professional development should link theory to practice. "Teachers need modeling, demonstration lessons, and good professional reading to implement best practices."

To keep on top of her own professional development, Tammy reads current books, watches videos, and works in classrooms.

Before beginning to write a book, she likes to know her topic well. "Look at other professional books that you love and analyze what it is that draws you to them again and again. Then think about how you can convey your topic and include some of these conventions to make your book outstanding as well."

Tammy has a husband, Steve, and a son, Harrison.

Tammy Jones

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