Teri Lesesne

There was never any doubt in Teri Lesesne's mind that she would one day become a teacher. "It is the only thing I ever considered becoming," she says. She loves to see kids' faces light up as they learn. "Kids of all ages are so responsive, so engaged in what they are doing, and it is wonderful to see the wheels turning."

Teri was born in Pittsburgh, but lived in Texas all of her adult life. She spent fifteen years as a middle school teacher and has been a university professor for the last fifteen years. She is currently teaching in the Department of Library Science at Sam Houston State University. She is also a presenter and consultant for schools and districts across the country.

During her presentations, she learns just as much from her audience as her audience does from her. "I try to make it [professional development] as painless as possible. I spent fifteen years listening to others do professional development and I learned from all the presenters what and what not to do. I tend to be fairly informal and rather flippant. I tell jokes and stories about myself and my experiences to illustrate points I am trying to make."

Teri is the author of Making the Match and Naked Reading. "The first book had a different process from the second one. Who knows what my approach might be next?"

Reading Aloud: A Worthwhile Investment? 

Copyright 2006 by the National Council of Teachers of English.  Reprinted with permission.

Teri Lesesne

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