Trevor Andrew Bryan

Trevor Bryan has two core beliefs about the arts. The first is that the arts foster joy and connection, especially when times or topics are tough. And the second is that the arts help us to make meaning of our human experience. These beliefs, along with numerous, meaningful arts experiences as a student, established Bryan’s North Star as he entered into teaching 20 years ago: to show how the arts could positively and meaningfully impact every students’ academic career. For the first 10 years of his teaching career, Bryan struggled to transform his beliefs into meaningful educational practices and to clearly demonstrate the relationship between the arts and academics. Then, he had a breakthrough. Bryan started to explore the relationship between viewing artwork and reading comprehension skills. This is when his beliefs and practice finally began to converge.

Through this exploration, Bryan found ways to share his passion for the arts and to show how they can be used to support the academic growth of all learners.  At first, this work solely focused on using visual art to teach reading comprehension skills. But slowly, Bryan began to see how visual texts could also help students explore and strengthen their writing. Ultimately, Bryan’s work has become about helping all students to comprehend their own lives and help them develop and strengthen their unique voices so that they can flourish doing work that truly matters to them.

Bryan’s journey has been a bumpy ride, filled with ups and downs. It is his passion for the arts (reading and writing included) that provided him the fuel that enabled him to keep moving forward, find his purpose, and learn to share it with others, which he does whenever he can. Over the last several years, Bryan has presented at numerous conferences, both large and small, and has worked with teachers and school districts across the country. He is grateful that his life’s passion has become his life’s work and looks forward to sharing them with both you and your students.

Bryan lives at the Jersey Shore. When he’s not creating, he enjoys long runs on the boardwalk, beaching it with his family and friends, great restaurants, and the thriving local arts scene.

Trevor A. Bryan


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