About Stenhouse

For over thirty years, Stenhouse has published professional books written: “for teachers, by teachers.” More than a motto, “for teachers, by teachers” is our core belief. We believe in creating a space for teachers’ voices. And we believe in the power of professional books to be such a space for educators to learn from one another’s ideas, practices, and expertise. 

Every Stenhouse professional book offers transformative yet practical classroom strategies. And while Stenhouse publishes professional books for PreK-12 educators on a variety of topics and content areas, there are some foundational beliefs that ground all of our work. 

Stenhouse Books

Stenhouse believes...

  • All students are brilliant and have worthy ideas. Our books center students’ voices and recognize that every student brings unique strengths to the classroom.
  • Teachers are decision-makers. Teachers make the best instructional decisions for their students when they are equipped with knowledge, supported by colleagues, and respected as professionals.
  • Equity work is everyone’s work. It is critical that educators acknowledge historical and current inequities in schools, classrooms, our country, and the world. It is everyone’s work to disrupt inequities in their own contexts and within the larger system, and promote equitable and humanizing practices.
  • Teaching is intellectual work. Teachers need resources that will help them grow, think, ask questions, and implement new ideas.
  • Teachers need a mix of theory and practice. Our books are rooted in research-based ideas and practices that are brought to life through classroom stories, voices, and student work. 
  • Collegiality matters. Educators learn together in many ways. Professional books can nurture teachers throughout their career as they learn from and alongside other educators.

Stenhouse is a subsidiary of Highlights for Children. Along with Zaner-Bloser, Stenhouse is part of Highlights Education Group.