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Kristin Ackerman

Kristin Ackerman has been teaching and conferring with writers for over twelve years. As a literacy coach, teacher, presenter, consultant, and writer, she is passionate about reading and writing.

Giacinta Alberti

Giacinta Alberti, B.Ed., is a K–7 learning support teacher in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She has a teaching degree from the University of Victoria with a specialization in learning support.

Janet Allen

Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education. After teaching reading and English for nearly twenty years in Maine, Janet relocated to the University of Central Florida, where she taught reading, writing, and English education courses.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen is a literacy specialist in Waterville, Maine and has worked in education for more than twenty-five years. She started as a classroom teacher in the primary grades and has been working as a literacy/specialist coach for the last sixteen years.

Patrick A. Allen

Patrick Allen is the youngest of ten children—five boys and five girls. "My parents were wonderful role models of literacy and learning, hard work, and humility," he says.

Jeff Anderson

For more than thirty years, Jeff Anderson has inspired writers and teachers of grades K-8 with the power and joy of the writing process. He has written ten books and five kits for Stenhouse Publishers.

Nancy C. Anderson

Nancy Anderson is K-8 Mathematics Coordinator and Grade 8 Mathematics Teacher at Milton Academy. Nancy is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum specialist, and professional developer.

Marlene Asselin

Marlene Asselin began her career as an early childhood teacher and was head teacher at the University of British Columbia Study Centre from 1983-1987. Now an associate professor at UBC, Marlene's research interests are in literacy education, information literacy, and school librarianship.

Ruth Ayres

As a full-time writing coach for Wawasee School District in northern Indiana, Ruth Ayres spends her days helping students find meaning in their stories, and encouraging teachers to reflect and refine the art of teaching.

Dorothy Barnhouse

Dorothy Barnhouse is an independent literacy consultant and staff developer. She works closely with elementary and secondary teachers in New York City public schools—and throughout the country—to elevate student reading, writing, and thinking.

Ros Bayley

Following an extensive career as an early years teacher, Ros Bayley is now a consultant, trainer, and storyteller. She shares her approach to story, puppetry, music, dance, and dramatic play with practitioners in the English-speaking world.

Katherine Beauchat

Katherine A. Beauchat, Ed.D., is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in literacy education.

Carol Bedard

For the past thirty-five years, Carol Bedard has worked in the field of education as a music therapist, a classroom teacher, a university professor, and an educational administrator. She is currently the director of literacy for the Houston Independent School District.

Allison Behne

An innovative teacher, writer, and speaker, Allison Behne empowers educators to think outside the box and critically examine their instructional practices by asking, “What is best for my students?”

Steven R. Benson

Steve Benson is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lesley University. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois, working under the direction of Leon McCulloh in Algebraic Number Theory.

Deborah Berrill

Deborah Berrill is the founding Director of the Trent University School of Education and Professional Learning. Every BEd candidate in this innovative program tutors two struggling students in grades 2–12 to learn first-hand about supporting literacy and learners with special needs.

Ranu Bhattacharyya

Ranu Bhattacharyya has taught at The American International School in Japan, Dhaka, and Delhi, the International School in Beijing, and at The Brussels English Primary School.

Karen Biggs-Tucker

Karen Biggs-Tucker is a teacher in St. Charles, IL where she has taught both second and fifth grade for 34 years. She feels that she learns the most from being in the classroom with students and takes what she learns with her students to other educators in a variety of other venues.

Kevin Bird

Kevin Bird is an Assistant Superintendent in the Fraser Cascade School District. A former water-ski coach, he spends his leisure time playing hockey, taking care of his wife’s horses, mountain biking with his son, and driving his daughter to her gymnastics classes.

Marilyn Bizar

Marilyn Bizar teaches at the Center for City Schools of National-Louis University in Chicago. A former public school teacher, Marilyn and Harvey Daniels now collaborate with a network of twenty-five schools seeking to implement progressive teaching methods.

Katrin Blamey

Dr. Katrin Blamey currently works as an assistant professor and chair of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education Program in the Education Department at DeSales University.

Jean Boreen

Jean Boreen is a professor of English education at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she regularly teaches secondary methods courses on young adult literature and teaching literature in secondary schools.

Paula Bourque

Paula Bourque is a K-6 literacy/instructional coach in Augusta, Maine. She has been an educator for over thirty years. She grew up in the Midwest and graduated with a degree in elementary education from Southern Illinois University.

Gail Boushey

Gail Boushey is an educator, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Co-creator of the Daily 5 Framework and CAFE Literacy System and co-owner of The Daily CAFE company, she leads a passionate team to empower educators.

Max Brand

Max Brand became a teacher because he loves to learn and teaching gives him the chance to learn a ton every day. "Each day is a new experience. No matter what you plan for, the kids take ownership and extend thinking/understanding to fantastic heights."

Rusty Bresser

Rusty Bresser first became interested in teaching while doing anthropological research on children and families in a rural farming community in French Polynesia. His interest in applied anthropology led him to the Teacher Education Program at the University of California, San Diego.

Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges is a consultant, teacher, editor, and writer specializing in teachers' professional development. Her teaching has ranged from multiage elementary classrooms to preservice college level at the University of California.

Fred Steven Brill

Fred Steven Brill began considering a career in education after coaching a middle school gymnastics team and then working as an outdoor education summer counselor of emotionally disturbed kids.

Herbert W. Broda

Herbert W. Broda is a professor emeritus of education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Ashland University in Ohio. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses with an emphasis on middle school education, instructional methods, and outdoor/experiential education.

Pip Brown

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Trevor Andrew Bryan

Trevor Bryan has two core beliefs about the arts. The first is that the arts foster joy and connection, especially when times or topics are tough. And the second is that the arts help us to make meaning of our human experience.

Mary Anne Buckley

Mary Anne Buckley has over twenty-five years of experience in early childhood education. She is also the youngest of six siblings from a loving and goofy family.

Aimee Buckner

Aimee Buckner has been in education for more than twenty years. She thrives on the idea that teaching is about helping students develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

Doug Buehl

Doug Buehl has been a teacher, professional development leader, and adolescent literacy consultant during his over forty years in education. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with an undergraduate double major in history and political science.

Brad Buhrow

Brad Buhrow was born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, a small town in the southeastern part of the state. He received his BA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, his teaching license from Metropolitan State University at Denver, and his MA from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Jan Burkins

Dr. Jan Burkins was an elementary classroom teacher for seven years and a literacy coach for seven years. She has worked as a part-time assistant professor, a district literacy leader, and is currently a fulltime writer and consultant.

Antonia Cameron

Antonia Cameron is the CEO and co-founder of reimaginED, a coaching organization devoted to improving teaching and learning in mathematics. Her current interests are on revitalizing early childhood math learning as well as finding ways to develop transformative feedback cultures in schools.

Kimberly Hill Campbell

Kimberly Hill Campbell had a bit of a bumpy start as a beginning teacher. She taught language arts at Estacada Junior High School from 1979 until 1982. "Then," she says, "I became the statistic: a beginning teacher who left the profession.

Rose Cappelli

Rose Cappelli comes from a family of musicians and teachers, both of which have greatly influenced her life. A volunteer job in high school led her to pursue work with hearing- and language-impaired children.

Mary Cappellini

Mary Cappellini is a Bilingual Educational Consultant and a published children's book author who has worked in education for over thirty years. A teacher at heart, she enjoys engaging teachers in reflections and classroom demonstration lessons in her staff development.

Oliver Caviglioli

Oliver Caviglioli has been using mapping in his professional and personal life for over twenty-five years. He is headteacher of a special school, and has a family, but finds time to share his skills by leading training courses in schools, on Model Mapping, Accelerated Learning, and Thinking Skills.

Kathy Champeau

Without a doubt, Kathy Champeau loves being a teacher. Starting out forty years ago as a first-grade teacher, it was apparent that she had a lot to learn about helping her students become literate.

Nancy Chesley

Nancy Chesley was an elementary teacher for twenty-six years and a K-5 science and literacy specialist for six years. She won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching in 2000 and the Milken Foundation National Distinguished Educator Award in 2002.

Melinda Clark

Melinda Clark, coauthor of Patterns of Power for Adolescent Writers, knew she wanted to be a teacher at an early age. Gathering her sister and neighbors around the picnic table, she read stories and taught her young students the alphabet.

Jean Anne Clyde

Melinda Clark, coauthor of Patterns of Power for Adolescent Writers, knew she wanted to be a teacher at an early age. Gathering her sister and neighbors around the picnic table, she read stories and taught her young students the alphabet.

Julie Coiro

Julie Coiro has taught for 30 years, first with PreK–8 students and now, as a professor of reading and digital literacy at the University of Rhode Island. Julie conducts research in online inquiry and works with educators to support their understanding of digital inquiry.

Mike Coles

Mike Coles is head of Religious Education in a London high school. He has written two other imaginative introductions to the Bible, The Bible in Cockney and More Bible in Cockney (both available from Novalis in Canada).

Anne M. Collins

Anne Collins has thirty years of teaching experience, having taught all grade levels K-12, as well as undergraduate- and graduate-level courses. She has been providing mathematics content professional development institutes and courses for teachers for the past fourteen years.

Kathy Collins

"I've always imagined being a teacher, from the time I was a small child and received a little desk for Christmas," says Kathy Collins. "I used to fantasize about wearing a masking tape roll on my wrist, using a pointer, writing on a chalkboard, and collecting book order money."

Carolyn Coman

Carolyn Coman has been writing books for children and teaching writing for more than twenty years. Her books include What Jamie Saw, Many Stones, The Big House, and her latest, The Memory Bank, a graphic storybook created with artist Rob Shepperson.

Chris Confer

Chris Confer has a passion for both mathematics and teaching children. As a beginning third-grade teacher in a bilingual classroom, a student asked her on the first day, “Does the world look the same through your blue eyes as it does through my brown eyes?”

Lori L. Conrad

Lori Conrad has twenty-four years of elementary classroom and staff development experience behind her. She is currently the senior director of professional development for the Public Education and Business Coalition in Denver.

Sarah Cooper

In 1989, Sarah Cooper placed seventeenth in the Scripps National Spelling Bee after winning the San Diego County Spelling Bee. Although her spelling career ended there, she did go on to receive a bachelor's degree in American history and literature from Harvard College.

Matt Copeland

Matt Copeland is an Associate for Instructional Innovation and Support with MetaMetrics, Inc., an educational research firm based in Durham, North Carolina, and creator of the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

Shawna Coppola

Shawna Coppola’s unique voice and passion for engaging students in authentic, inquiry-based learning make her a sought-after consultant, writer, and speaker.

Ann Marie Corgill

If it weren't for those scary numbers, Ann Marie Corgill wouldn't be a teacher today. "I wanted to be an architect," she says. "But I was afraid of the math classes." Now, in her fifteenth year of teaching, she can't imagine being in another profession.

Marlene Correia

Marlene Correia is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at Bridgewater State University (BSU). She teaches literacy courses in undergraduate elementary education and in the graduate programs in reading.

Mary Cowhey

Mary Cowhey has been teaching first and second grade at Jackson Street School in Northampton, Massachusetts, for nine years. Before becoming a teacher, she was a community organizer for fourteen years.

Marie Crawford

Marie Crawford is an assistant principal at Central Middle School in the San Carlos School District. She has been a mentor-teacher for urban teachers, a classroom teacher in urban schools, and a museum educator.

Melody M. Croft

Melody Croft earned a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education from Valdosta State University. While teaching fourth graders in a small South Georgia town, she spent evenings and summers at this same university to obtain a Masters degree and a Specialist degree.

Ruth Culham

Ruth Culham, EdD, launched a writing revolution with the publication of her book 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide, Grades 3 and Up, followed by 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for the Primary Grades and Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for Middle School.

Andie Cunningham

Andie Cunningham is currently teaching at Lewis & Clark College's Graduate School of Education in Portland, Oregon. She teaches graduate students who are working to become teachers and current teachers who are working to become reading specialists.

Katie Egan Cunningham

Katie Egan Cunningham is passionate about supporting students to find joy in learning through small shifts in teachers’ practices that can make a big difference. She is an avid reader of children’s literature and believes in the power of stories to build connections and change lives.

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