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Jennifer Jacobson

Jennifer Jacobson, a former primary school teacher, is the author of fourteen children's books, including the award-winning Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle, and is also a frequent presenter at library, reading, and writing conferences.

Amanda Jansen

Amanda (Mandy) Jansen began her career in mathematics education as a junior high mathematics teacher (grades 7-9) in Mesa, Arizona. Her undergraduate degree is in mathematics, and it is from the University of Arizona in Tucson. She minored in English education.

Mary K. Johnson

Mary K. Johnson, a veteran secondary and university educator, has taught English and ESL courses in the United States, Hong Kong, and Papua New Guinea. She now lives, writes, and teaches on Guam.

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson has spent most of her thirty years in education as a reading specialist in elementary schools with diverse populations in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Peter H. Johnston

Peter Johnston grew up and taught elementary school in New Zealand before coming to the United States to earn his Ph.D. at the Center for the Study of Reading at the University of Illinois.

Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones has been a Title I reading specialist, Reading Recovery teacher, and teacher-leader for fifteen years. She earned her degrees from the University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Sara B. Kajder

Dr. Sara B. Kajder is a faculty member in Language and Literacy Education at The University of Georgia and a consultant to K-12 school systems across the country.  

Robert Kaplinsky

Robert Kaplinsky has worked in education since 2003 as a classroom teacher, teacher specialist for Downey Unified School District, instructor for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and presenter at conferences around the world.

Matthew R. Kay

Matthew R. Kay is a proud product of Philadelphia’s public schools and a founding teacher at Science Leadership Academy (SLA). He is a graduate of West Chester University and holds a Masters in Educational Leadership with a Principals’ Certificate from California University of Pennsylvania.

Elham Kazemi

Elham Kazemi’s first research project allowed her to watch twenty-four teachers teach the same lesson. It led her to realize what a privilege it was to be in other teachers’ classrooms and reminded her how little teachers have access to one another’s thinking and practice.

Katie Keier

Katie Keier has been a classroom teacher and literacy specialist in grades K-8 for twenty-four years. She is currently a kindergarten teacher in an urban Title I school.

Juli Kendall

A lifelong teacher, including a professional partnership with coauthor Outey Khuon for fifteen years, Juli Kendall taught kindergarten through eighth grade and was a Literacy Specialist.

Outey Khuon

Outey Khuon began teaching in Cambodia in 1969. Since 1992, she has taught elementary students in Long Beach, California, where she is currently a Literacy Specialist.

Brian Kissel

Brian Kissel, an educator for over twenty years, is a professor of Literacy and Elementary Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A former elementary school teacher and literacy coach, Brian teaches courses in writing instruction, digital literacy, and literacy development.

Adria Klein

Adria Klein is a Professor Emeritus from California State University San Bernardino where she received the Outstanding Professor award, the first given at CSUSB to a Professor of Education.

Lisa Koch

Lisa Koch has been teaching in Ohio since 1990. She has worked with parents, teachers, and literacy coaches, helping them to choose meaningful and entertaining books for their classroom libraries.

Angela Kohnen

Angela M. Kohnen describes her career path as somewhat unconventional. After beginning her undergraduate years as an engineering major, she graduated with a degree in English and American Literature from Washington University in St. Louis.

Merry Komar

Merry Komar was born and raised in Hawaii where she began her teaching career and received her master’s degree. As a teacher there, she had extensive literacy training as a participant in the Kamehameha Elementary Education Program (KEEP) for at-risk students.

Geoff Krall

Geoff Krall is a math and school development coach for the New Tech Network, supporting teachers, administrators, and districts as they transform classrooms into vibrant learning communities.

Tara Krueger

Growing up with parents who were educators coupled with a passion for working with children, Tara Krueger always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her teaching journey began at the University of Minnesota where she received a master of education degree.

Sara Kugler

Sara Kugler is a literacy coach in Fairfax County where she learns along-side teachers and students. Sara believes deeply in observing and listening to students and using this data to make powerful instructional decisions.

Whitney La Rocca

Whitney La Rocca, with more than 20 years in education, has been a teacher, a literacy coach, and a consultant, working with children and teachers across grade levels, schools, and districts.

Clare Landrigan

Clare Landrigan (left) has been working with her coauthor Tammy Mulligan (right) for the past twenty-three years. They began their work together coteaching an integrated first- and second-grade classroom at the Eliot Pearson Children's School in Medford, Massachusetts.

Kristi Latimer

Kristi Latimer is in her eighth year of teaching at Tigard High School in Oregon, where she teaches international baccalaureate senior English and freshman English. She is also an adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark College.

Heather Lattimer

Like many others, Heather Lattimer became a teacher in hopes of changing the world. "Okay, I never really expected to change the whole world, but wanted to work to increase equity and social justice in my little corner of it.

Steven Layne

Dr. Steven L. Layne is a respected literacy professor, teacher and consultant, highly motivational keynote speaker, and popular author. With more than 15 years of education experience, he has served as a classroom teacher and reading specialist for grades 2‑8.

Maria Luisa Lebar

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Travis Leech

Travis Leech, coauthor of Patterns of Power: Inviting Adolescent Writers into the Conventions of Language, grew up loving to read and spiral notebooks with stories of fantasy and adventure.

Teri Lesesne

There was never any doubt in Teri Lesesne's mind that she would one day become a teacher. "It is the only thing I ever considered becoming," she says. She loves to see kids' faces light up as they learn.

Bruce Lesh

Bruce Lesh was a high school teacher and social studies department chair for twenty-two years in Baltimore County Public Schools, where he taught American history, world history, and Advanced Placement United States Politics and Government.

Magdalin Livingston

Magdalin Livingston is an artist, poet, emerging illustrator, and teacher with the Toronto District School Board.

Lisa J. Lucas

Dr. Lisa Lucas has over thirty years of experience in education, as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, consultant, and Professor. She has taught in public, private, parochial and pre-school settings.

Katherine Luongo-Orlando

For the past eight years, Katherine Luongo-Orlando has worked as a program consultant and author of curriculum and assessment materials for school boards and publishers.

Chris Luzniak

Chris Luzniak is a mathematics educator who doubles as a speech and debate coach. His passions were sparked in high school in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Jayne Bamford Lynch

Jayne Bamford Lynch is a district math instructional coach in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she spends most of her days in elementary classrooms supporting coaches, teachers, and students.

Mary Lynch

For more than 30 years, Mary Lynch has been a classroom teacher of students in grades from JK to 6, and has served as a reading support teacher, and literacy teacher and coach.

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