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Rebeka Eston Salemi

Rebeka Eston Salemi is a kindergarten teacher at the Lincoln School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. From the beginning of her career to the present she has firmly committed to being a classroom teacher who puts her students and their growing understandings and confidence at the heart of what she does.

Katherine Davis Samway

Katharine Davies Samway teaches language arts and ESOL courses at San Jose State University. Her research takes her into K-8 classrooms where she works with teachers studying literacy development and cultural diversity.

Wendy Saul

Wendy Saul has always been interested in how the questions we ask and the information we learn in one place connects to other ideas, problems and curiosities.

Kirk Savage

A former elementary and middle school principal, Kirk Savage is currently a Director of Instruction with the Chilliwack School District. Kirk is a four-time world champion in Ultimate Frisbee, a sport that he also played professionally with the Vancouver Nighthawks.

Evelyn Sawicki

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School Distritct, Evelyn Sawicki has collaborated with Graham Foster, Hyacinth Schaeffer and Victor Zelinski on many projects.

Marilyn Scala

Marilyn Scala is a literacy and inclusion consultant with thirty years of experience in general, special education, and inclusion classrooms. She has always loved watching students become readers and writers.

Hyacinth Schaeffer

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School District, Hyacinth Schaeffer has collaborated on many projects with fellow supervisors Graham Foster, Evelyn Sawicki, and Victor Zelinski.

Beth Schipper

Beth Schipper teaches language arts courses and works with teachers in the credential program at California State University at Fullerton. She also teaches for the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Literacy Network and consults for schools and school districts in California.

Edgar Schmidt

Edgar Schmidt has worked as a classroom teacher for grades two through high school and as a school principal for regular and alternative stream programs. He is the author of teaching materials with topics ranging from science and spelling to choice and accountability in education.

Virginia Schroder

Virginia C. Schroder, a science and language arts teacher at Munsey Park School, has 21 years of experience in preschool through sixth-grade classrooms.

Jean Schroeder

Jean Schroeder is a first-grade teacher in the Tucson Unified School District. Along with coauthors Kathy G. Short, Kathleen Marie Crawford, Gloria Kauffman, Julie Laird, and Margaret J. Ferguson, she wrote the book Learning Together Through Inquiry.

John Schu

John Schu has made a career out of advocating for the people and things he cares about most: kids, books, and the people that connect them. John is a children’s book author, a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University, and the children’s librarian for Bookelicious.

Betty Schultze

Betty Schultze can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a teacher. "I wanted to have a big red pen and mark papers when I was in third grade, and when I was a young adult I knew that working with children would make me happy—and it has!

Joan Brodsky Schur

Joan Brodsky Schur was an indifferent and rather shy student until she reached the seventh grade, when the excitement of learning and participating in classroom debate took hold of her and never let go.

Dennis Searle

Dennis Searle (Ph.D. University of London) began his career teaching high school English in Manitoba, Canada, and most recently was on the faculty of education at York University.

Ruth Shagoury

Ruth Shagoury (formerly Ruth Shagoury Hubbard) can't imagine anything more fascinating than exploring the minds of children and adolescents as they grow as readers, writers, and language users.

Alex Shirran

Alex Shirran is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has taught for fifteen years in the Delta School District in British Columbia. He has taught both high school and elementary school classes, essay-writing courses for postsecondary students, and ESL classes in Japan and Canada.

Mary C. Shorey

Mary Shorey taught first through fourth graders at Pritchett School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for over twenty-five years. A learner herself, Mary earned National Board Certification and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.

Kathy G. Short

Kathy G. Short is Professor of Language, Reading and Culture at the University of Arizona and has worked extensively with teachers to develop curricula that actively involve students as authors and inquirers.

Stacey Shubitz

For the past fifteen years, Stacey Shubitz has worked with writers and teachers of writers, inspiring them with the power of writing workshop. Stacey began her career in education teaching fifth grade at PS 171 in East Harlem, New York.

Jessica F. Shumway

Jessica Shumway has worked as a second-, third-, and fourth-grade classroom teacher and as a mathematics coach for teachers of Pre-K through fifth grade in Texas and Virginia. She is currently an assistant professor of mathematics education at Utah State University.

Franki Sibberson

Franki Sibberson currently teaches third graders in Dublin, Ohio. She has worked in elementary schools for over twenty-five years as a classroom teacher, a Reading Support Teacher, a curriculum support teacher and a school librarian.

Barbara Siegel

Barbara S. Siegel has taught in the Arlington, Massachusetts Public Schools for over 30 years. She integrates technology into all areas of her curriculum and continues to build on her technical background to help her students write more effectively.

Cecilia Silva

Cecilia Silva graduated with a bachelor's degree from Ohio State University, her master's degree from California State University and received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in education.

Penny Silvers

Penny Silvers is a professor of teacher education and literacy at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. A former elementary teacher and reading specialist, she has written numerous articles and book chapters about language arts and reading.

Yolanda Simmons

The authors of History Comes Home are all associated with the Center for City Schools, National-Louis University, in Chicago, where they conduct programs for reforming urban education.

Marian Small

Marian Small is the former Dean of Education at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. She has been a professor of mathematics education and worked in the field for close to 40 years.

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith is a leading trainer in modern learning methods and his techniques are used with startling success by thousands of teachers and parents in the UK and abroad.

Antony Smith

Antony T. Smith is an associate professor of literacy education at the University of Washington Bothell. As an elementary teacher, he explored reading comprehension and vocabulary development through literature circles and content-area read-alouds and discussions.

Katy Smith

Katy Smith is a Professor of Secondary Education and serves as Chair of the Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Department at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Margot Holmes Smith

Margot Holmes Smith is a reading and math intervention teacher for fourth and fifth grades at Atkinson Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to becoming an intervention teacher, she taught third and fourth grades at Atkinson.

Diane Snowball

Diane Snowball hails from Australia and travels a lot between her home and New York. In her long career, she's been a teacher of mathematics and science, teacher-librarian, K–6 classroom teacher, assistant principal, and literacy consultant, among many other positions.

Carla Soffos

Carla Soffos is a literacy specialist with the Arkansas Department of Education. She has twenty-one years of experience in education, including teaching in the primary grades and literacy coaching.

David Somoza

David Somoza grew up in southern New Mexico with his brother Mike and his sister Lisa. David's dad is a writer and his mom is a painter, and they still live in southern New Mexico.

Marsha Spears

Marsha Spears has spent over ten years as a highly sought after teacher trainer and popular presenter across the country. Her 30 plus year career as a classroom teacher and administrator includes classroom experience at the primary, intermediate and upper grade levels.

Lee Ann Spillane

A National Board Certified Teacher, Lee Ann Spillane teaches English at Cypress Creek High School in Florida. "I love the everyday epiphanies of the classroom," Lee Ann says about her teaching life.

Tony Stead

Tony Stead became a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in children's lives. And he is certainly doing that through his publications, teaching, and work with teachers all over the world.

Stephanie Steffey

Stephanie Steffey taught in the primary grades for a number of years and is also a university instructor in teacher education. She works towards being a whole language teacher in both settings and is particularly interested in the teaching of social studies.

Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart is a literacy coach who works and learns alongside K-3 teachers and students in a suburb of Chicago. An avid reader and writer herself, Amy spends her days working to inspire passionate children who use reading and writing to learn, lead, and create.

Melissa Stewart

Melissa Stewart has written more than 180 science books for children, including the ALA Notable Feathers: Not Just for Flying, illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen, the SCBWI Golden Kite Honor title Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes and Stinkers: Celebrating Animal Underdogs, and Can an Aardvark Bark?

Dorothy S. Strickland

Dorothy Strickland writes: "As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to read. But I must confess that it was a librarian, not a teacher or even my parents, who was most influential in encouraging my love of books.

Donna Styles

Donna Styles has been a teacher for more than thirty years, from grades K–7, in regular and multi-aged settings, as well as in English and French Immersion.

Lynn Susholtz

Lynn Susholtz has been involved in art and education for the last twenty-five years. She has developed curricula for and taught in private and public schools, community centers, and social service organizations.

Diane Sweeney

Diane Sweeney is the author of the bestselling books Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (Corwin 2016), Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals (Corwin 2011), and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (Corwin 2013).

Caroline Sweet

Caroline Sweet is a Bilingual Literacy Coach at LCpl Nicholas S. Perez Elementary School in Austin, Texas. She has been a bilingual educator for 14 years and was named 2011 Teacher of the Year in Austin Independent School District.

Karen Szymusiak

When Karen Szymusiak was young, she learned from some wonderful educators who inspired her to consider becoming a teacher. She recalls telling her fifth-grade teacher that she wanted to become a teacher when she grew up.

Judith Tannenbaum

Judith Tannenbaum is a writer and teacher whose work has focused on community arts and issues of cultural democracy. She currently serves as training coordinator for San Francisco's WritersCorps program.

Alfred Tatum

Alfred W. Tatum has recently taken a position at the University of Illinois–Chicago. Previously he was an assistant professor in the Department of Literacy Education at Northern Illinois University.

Denny Taylor

Denny Taylor is an ethnographer and writer who has spent more than twenty years working with families, communities, and schools. Her awards include the Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize from the Modern Language Association of America, the Elva Knight Award from the International Reading Association.

Christy Hermann Thompson

Christy Thompson is a Literacy Coach in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. She has spent her teaching and coaching career particularly focused on listening to and learning from the talk of our youngest students.

Terry Thompson

Terry Thompson likes to help people. That's why he became a teacher, a consultant, and a psychotherapist. "I'm a helper. It's what I do, and it's the core of my personality.

Mark Thurman

Mark Thurman is best known as a children's author/illustrator. He has written and illustrated sixteen books and designed and illustrated more than twenty-five books for other authors.

Cris Tovani

Cris Tovani loves studying the “knowing-doing” gap by investigating how to implement best practice research with 125+ students. Throughout her career, she has tried to take reading and writing research and apply it to all kinds of learning situations.

Pat Trottier

Pat Trottier, M.Ed., has been actively involved in education in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for more than thirty years. Pat has worked with students in the early, middle, and senior years as a teacher, resource specialist, and administrator.

Robin Turner

Robin Turner was inspired to become a teacher by his eleventh-grade English teacher. "He was genuine, caring, and had a great sense of humor. He was the most real teacher I've ever encountered," Robin recalls.

Angela Chan Turrou

Angela Chan Turrou has been hooked on how children think about mathematics since working on her first research project in South Los Angeles with her mentor, Megan Franke.

Lee Ann Tysseling

Lee Ann Tysseling has been a teacher and professor of English language arts and literacy for thirty-eight years. She holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Iowa.

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