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Dirk Verhulst

Formerly an instructor at the Trent University School of Education and Professional Learning, Dirk Verhulst is now retired. He spent more than thirty years in education as an English teacher, department head, and consultant.

Diane Vetter

Diane Vetter is a Course Director for the Faculty of Education at York University. The author of journal articles and a popular keynote speaker, Diane’s research interests include mentoring, teacher education, and cross-curricular infusion of Indigenous perspectives, traditions, and cultures.

Susan Vincent

Susan Vincent has worked in the field of early literacy for over 30 years. Both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from Miami University in Ohio, where she met her husband (also a teacher!)

Patricia Vitale-Reilly

Patty Vitale-Reilly’s career in education spans 30 years and varies from being a teacher, staff developer, author, founder, and director of a major literacy consulting group, to her current roles as an educational consultant, author, and speaker.

Jim Vopat

Jim Vopat has been teaching teachers in unusual settings for thirty years. As founding director of the Milwaukee Writing Project, he works directly with teachers and schools. Through the Parent Project, he directs parent-teacher leadership projects in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Janiel Wagstaff

Janiel Wagstaff is a popular national literacy consultant and full-time K-6 literacy coach at a Title I school in Utah. In addition to classroom teaching and coaching, she has worked as a university instructor and school administrator.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker was born in Nova Scotia and has a bachelor's degree in special education from Acadia University and a master's degree in educational leadership from the University of Oregon.

Maria Walther

Maria Walther, who earned a doctorate in elementary education from Northern Illinois University, taught first grade for 34 years. Along with teaching young learners, Maria inspires her colleagues through engaging professional learning experiences.

Mark Weakland

Mark Weakland is a literacy consultant and coach, author, and musician. During his twenty-three years in public education, he was a fourth- and fifth-grade learning support teacher, a reading consultant, and a Title I reading specialist, K–6.

Christof Weber

Christof Weber is an associate professor in the School of Education at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He taught mathematics for twenty-five years at a “Gymnasium” in Switzerland.

Kassia Omohundro Wedekind

Kassia Omohundro Wedekind spent many wonderful years as a classroom teacher and math coach in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia and now splits her time between being an independent math coach and an editor at Stenhouse Publishers.

Jan Wells

Jan Wells retired in 2004, after teaching for twelve years in the UK, six years in Ontario, and fourteen years in British Columbia. When she is not tending her garden or running her bed & breakfast, she conducts workshops and devotes her time to writing.

Lucy West

Lucy West established Metamorphosis TLC after an outstanding run as Director of Mathematics Instruction in New York City’s famed Community School District 2.

Suzanne Whaley

Suzanne Whaley is a National Board certified teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, where she was a classroom teacher and literacy specialist for twenty-two years before working in the central office.

Gail Whang

Gail Whang, a third-generation Korean American, has extensive teaching experience in multilingual and multiethnic elementary schools. She is a teacher-researcher who is currently the conflict-resolution program facilitator for the Oakland Unified School District.

Kathryn Whitmore

Kathryn F. Whitmore (Ph.D. University of Arizona) and her coauthor, Caryl G. Crowell (M.Ed. University of Arizona) have many characteristics in common. They are both working mothers and whole language teacher-researchers who work to challenge the status quo in educational institutions.

Maryann Wickett

"I became a teacher because children fascinate me. To have the privilege and challenge of working with children as a career is the best," says Maryann Wickett. Maryann is a practicing public school classroom teacher with over thirty-six years of experience

Monique D. Wild

Monique Wild, a seventeen-year veteran of teaching, is a National Board Certified Teacher and is currently a master teacher in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, where she coordinates professional development for teachers at Donaldsonville High School.

Heather Willms

Heather Willms, B.A., B.Ed., M.A.Ed., is a district reading intervention teacher whose work includes mentoring, modeling, and supporting both teachers and students in grades K–7.

Jeni Wilson

Jeni Wilson lectures at the University of Melbourne's Institute of Education in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. She has a special interest in children's thinking and in assessment.

Jake Wizner

Jake Wizner teaches eighth grade English and social studies at the Salk School of Science in New York City. He is the author of the young adult novels Spanking Shakespeare (Random House, 2007) and Castration Celebration (Random House, 2009).

Steven Wolk

As a kid growing up in suburban Chicago, Steven Wolk loved the Cubs and hated to read. When he graduated from high school, he could count all of the novels he had read on one finger.

Rick Wormeli

One of the first Nationally Board Certified teachers in America, Rick Wormeli brings innovation, energy, and validity to his writing, presentations, and his instructional practice, which includes 38 years teaching.

Bob Wortman

Bob Wortman says, "I have always wanted to teach. Originally I was going to teach high school social studies, but was talked into elementary education by a friend.

Kim Yaris

Kim Yaris has been working in education for over 27 years. After seven years as an elementary teacher, she left her own classroom to become a literacy staff developer.

Kari Yates

Kari Yates is an author, speaker, consultant and staff developer with a passion for helping busy literacy educators thrive. Her experiences include classroom teacher, special education, Reading Recovery teacher, elementary principal and district literacy coordinator.

Amanda Yuill

Based in Toronto, Amanda Yuill's extensive experience includes teaching in public and private schools in Canada and Japan. A teacher of primary grades, music, physical education, dance, drama, and English as a Second Language, she is passionate about substitute teaching.

Tracy Johnston Zager

Tracy Johnston Zager happily taught fourth grade in a public school in the Pacific Northwest for several years. When her family moved to New England, she gave up her classroom to work with preservice teachers and their in-service mentors, first in Boston, and then in Portland, Maine.

Jennifer Donohue Zakkai

Jennifer Donohue Zakkai has served as an artist educator for the Galef Institute, conducting professional development dance workshops for teachers across the country and working as a field coach.

Victor Zelinski

As a curriculum supervisor for the Calgary Catholic School District, Victor Zelinski has collaborated on many projects with co-authors Graham Foster, Evelyn Sawicki, and Hyacinth Schaeffer.

Steven Zemelman

Steve Zemelman is founding Director of the Illinois Writing Project and works on student civic engagement and social action in Chicago schools, advising restorative justice and student social action teams.

Cheryl Zimmerman

Cheryl Zimmerman began her teaching career at the age of seven in the basement of her childhood home. "I did a fantastic job of educating the baby dolls seated quietly on the couch. I've always loved kids and that love of kids propelled me into a teaching career," she says.

Jeff Zwiers

Jeff Zwiers is a senior researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He has taught in diverse elementary and secondary schools, worked as an instructional coach in urban school settings, and trained teachers to facilitate effective professional learning teams.

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